June 2023: New Moon In Gemini Tarot Spread

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4 min readJun 16, 2023

The cosmos prepares for a celestial spectacle as the Gemini New Moon approaches on June 18th. This enchanting alignment brings together the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees, inviting us to set new intentions in the realms of communication, thinking, daily tasks, projects, and the captivating themes governed by Gemini.

As we bid farewell to the vibrant Gemini season, Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, accompanies us on this transformative journey. However, Neptune in Pisces introduces a unique twist, challenging our traditional mental strengths and urging us to embrace a broader perspective that intertwines intuition and clarity.

Navigating the Cosmic Square

Neptune in Pisces casts a square aspect upon both the Sun and Moon during this New Moon phase, revealing a celestial dance of mystical proportions. As this aspect challenges the traditional mental frameworks we rely upon, it invites us to transcend the limitations of overthinking and mental stress. Instead, Neptune in Pisces guides us to seek a broader perspective, one that encompasses the realms of intuition and spiritual guidance. In this dance between clarity and confusion, we learn to honor our intuitive messages and integrate them into our decision-making process.

Embracing the Bigger Picture

The Gemini New Moon catalyzes embracing the bigger picture of our lives. It urges us to step beyond the boundaries of our analytical minds and dive into the depths of our intuitive wisdom. As we release the grip of excessive thinking, we open ourselves to new dimensions of understanding and insight. Through the guidance of Neptune’s square, we are encouraged to trust our inner knowing and allow our intuition to lead the way. Doing so gives us a clearer vision of our path and aligns ourselves with the cosmic flow.

Welcoming Clarity and Intuition

As the Gemini New Moon graces the celestial stage, the universe invites us to embark on a journey of intention, intuition, and clarity. This powerful alignment encourages us to redefine our relationship with communication, thinking, and the Gemini-ruled aspects of our lives. With Neptune’s square challenging our mental constructs, we learn to navigate the realms of intuition and embrace a broader perspective. In this dance between clarity and confusion, we discover the wisdom of our inner voice and honor the bigger picture that awaits us. Let us embrace the transformative energies of the Gemini New Moon and embark on a path of growth and self-discovery.

Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread: Navigating Clarity and Intuition

As we immerse ourselves in the transformative energies of the Gemini New Moon, it becomes an opportune time to enhance our connection with the cosmos through the wisdom of tarot. The cards serve as insightful guides, illuminating the themes and energies surrounding us during this celestial event. In this section, we introduce you to a specially curated tarot spread designed to align your intentions with the vibrant essence of the Gemini New Moon.

June 2023: New Moon In Gemini Tarot Spread

  • Card 1: The Current State of Communication:

This card reflects the current state of your communication patterns and how they influence your overall well-being. Pay attention to any areas that require adjustments or improvements to enhance clarity and understanding.

  • Card 2: Embracing Mental Agility:

This card reveals the critical aspects of your thought process and the mental agility available now. It guides you on how to harness the cosmic energy of the Gemini New Moon to stimulate your intellect and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

  • Card 3: Intuitive Guidance:

Drawn from your intuition, this card represents the guidance and intuitive messages available to support you during this phase. Embrace the insights and trust the whispers of your inner wisdom as you navigate this transformative period.

  • Card 4: Letting Go of Mental Stress:

This card highlights the areas in your life where mental stress or overthinking may hinder your growth. It invites you to release any unnecessary mental burdens, allowing space for clarity and fresh perspectives to emerge.

  • Card 5: Embracing New Perspectives:

As you embark on this journey of clarity and intuition, this card signifies the new perspectives and opportunities that await you. Be open to new ideas, explore diverse viewpoints, and embrace the multidimensionality of the Gemini New Moon energy.

  • Card 6: Alignment with Cosmic Flow:

This card serves as a compass, guiding you toward aligning your intentions with the cosmic flow. It offers insights into how you can harmonize your desires with the universal energies to manifest your intentions gracefully and effortlessly.

June 2023: New Moon In Gemini Tarot Spread

By engaging with this carefully crafted tarot spread during the Gemini New Moon, you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, clarity, and intuition. As you explore the messages revealed by the cards, remember to trust your inner voice and honor the wisdom of the cosmos. Embrace the magic of this celestial event and allow the tarot to illuminate the path ahead, guiding you towards alignment, growth, and personal transformation.



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