New Moon in Aries 2022 Tarot Spread

New Moon in Aries starts on Apr/01, and this tarot spread is valid until Apr/30 when the New Moon in Taurus takes place. But let’s first understand the astrological influences of this new lunar cycle.

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3 min readMar 31, 2022
New Moon in Aries 2022 Tarot Spread

What are the astrological influences during this New Moon in Aries?

The New Moon in Aries brings the energy of new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to take that project out of the drawer and make it happen. You can include more power in the things already underway and speed up processes you procrastinate.

The sky of the moment is dynamic, also inviting for authenticity and focus. Having goals can help make it happen. But you have to overcome the anxiety that can come along with so much energy and remember to do one thing at a time.

This New Moon in Aries comes with bonus conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune. This astrological event promises change to the current cosmic configuration, bringing more hope in individual and collective terms and much-needed good news.

Therefore, consider if you had any significant dreams, synchronicities, or inspiration from the previous Piscean New Moon.

Still, during the lunar cycle that begins with the New Moon in Aries, acting with creativity and, at the same time, less impulsively is something decisive.

Moreover, the Arian Lunation benefits individual attitudes and can bring success from an independent perspective. On the other hand, Venus, Mars, and Saturn in Aquarius favor pleasing results when considering the collective, with responsibility and commitment.

Therefore, it’s essential to harmonize the individual and the collective aspects of life.

Thus, in this New Moon in Aries, balance is critical.

Extra Hint: The New Moon in Aries is also a good time to start or intensify physical activity.

New Moon in Aries 2022 Tarot Spread:

Now that we are aware of the astrological aspects of this New Moon in Aries, start shuffling your favorite tarot deck and ask the cards:

  1. What new projects could benefit from more energy?
  2. How can I procrastinate less?
  3. What is the best way to deal with my anxieties?
  4. How to bring more balance between what is good for me and the collective?
  5. What, in my life, do I need to be less impulsive?
  6. How to be more physically active in an endurable way?
New Moon in Aries 2022 Tarot Spread

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